Looking for a good Php book to use with Adobe CS3

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Sometime back I bought a couple books on Dreamweaver and Flash for the
CS2 Suite and along with it bought a book for Php, Foundation Php for
Dreamweaver 8.  I read the Dreamweaver and Flash books but never have
read the Php book.  Now that I was ready to I just upgraded to the CS3
My question is, is it important to look for a newer Php book to use
with this CS3 suite or would the current book be ok and up to date?
Should I look into the Foundation Php 5 for Flash 8 as a complement to
the current book or is there a completely other book I should look
into?  I'm completely new at Php so am definitely looking at something
that's entry level.

Re: Looking for a good Php book to use with Adobe CS3

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Your PHP book doesn't have to accompany your software. A book that
teaches PHP with Dreamweaver will most likely only teach how
Dreamweaver's graphical interface generates the PHP for you (how to
use the graphical interface), or some simple things while being
distracted by Dreamweaver features.

Dreamweaver's compatibility with your PHP scripts is only an issue if
you rely on the WYSIWYG editor (design view). In that case, it may not
display things that have mixed HTML and PHP correctly. It's not good
to be this reliant on design view anyway.

Dreamweaver does not integrate with PHP as well as Visual Studio
integrates with ASP.net. It's not a solution for developing in PHP, it
will not write you code for you unless you want to do some very very
simple things. I suggest learning from some other resource.

There are some great resources online. Google around.

-Mike PII

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