Looking for a generic DB-maintenance application

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I administrate a large number of Oracle databases for my company.

Some DBs are easily structured and the staff responsible for keeping
them updated are able to use an Oracle client (SQirreL, PLSQL/
Developer, or even MS Access as a client) to directly access Oracle
and update their tables (without messing around with integrity etc).

Other DBs are too complex in their structure or the staff responsible
for data updating are not able to handle with SQL and have no skills
in working directly on DB objects...

For the later case I wish I could offer them a foolprof'ed, user-
friendly web-based tool for updating data (enter new data; update
existing data; delete data).

I dream of a generic web-based DB-maintenance application which
enables to:
- configure your application by naming the tables, the relations
between them, the constrains, etc, and you get on the fly an
application that enables you to browse from master to slave table, to
move from record to record and from column to column and edit/delete/
insert data in/from/into them.
- perform checks (data type, domain constrains, etc) using the info
from the data dictionary.
- perform pre-defined plausibility checks.
- supports data capture helps like drop-down-lists for foreign keys,
check or radio buttons for flag-columns.
- etc etc etc.

This is something I would love to develop myself... if I only had the

I wonder that (at least as far as I have been able to google around)
there is nothing like this on the market!

Best regards from Bonn, Julian

Re: Looking for a generic DB-maintenance application


Oracle has a tool they call APEX (Oracle Application Express) that
provides a user-friendly RAD environment for building databases:


In the web application space, there are applications such as
caspio.com and quickbase.com that allow users to create web-accessible


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