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I have a perl program called by my php script, which in turn is called
by the browser. Now, the perl program is called using exec, but takes
a long time to finish. So, till the time the perl script does not
finish its job, the browser does not show anything. I have messages
like "Dont close this window", but that does not show up till the
whole perl program finishes. Is there a way, I can somehow remedy
this, try to show a message on the browser - "Please while your data
processes" and then do the processing in the background?


Re: Long time to finish a program

On 9 Mar 2007 20:40:41 -0800, in comp.lang.php "rahulthathoo"

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echo "Please while your data processes";
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Re: Long time to finish a program

rahulthathoo wrote:
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You need to flush() your output.  But beware - just because it goes to  
the browser doesn't mean the browser will display it.  For instance, if  
it's in a table, the browser may wait for the entire table to be sent.  
And there are a lot of other possibilities.

But if you keep it short and clean, you have a better chance to get your  
message displayed immediately.

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