Loginf Form Action points to File Outside of Server PHP/MYSQL - How Can I Get This to WORK...

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I have a log in section on my new website http://www.picmonkey.com

On form submit, it calls a file located on

The database which holds all the login information is on the
mytuneslive.com dedicated server.

Is it possible, to just use mytuneslive.com to check the username and
password, then if correct, send them back to picmonkey?

I've got it all set up, but its not working.  When user clicks submit,
the page goes to a blank like Iexplroe can't find it.  When you
refresh, the page loads up and says Can't Find Username.

Can anyone help me figure this remote scripting out?  IS there an
easier way or a better way of doing this?  Should I just use an iframe?

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