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I just wondered if you can spot why one of my pages doesn't redirect

I have restricted access to the Country Profiles section in the left
hand navigation based on whether you're registered or not.

When I click on Country Profiles it comes up with the login page no
problem.  If I haven't already registered and I do, that's also no
problem.  However when I login, it doesn't redirect me to the country
profiles page where I wanted to go, instead it takes me back to the
login page.


I have made new pages for the code contained in the login.php page and
the profiles.php pages in the following locations:



If you can help spot what may be wrong I'd be very grateful.  Perhaps
it is Dreamweaver generating strange redirection code?

I did have a problem with my headers but I took out all the blank
lines and white space and that now works okay.

It's strange how it doesn't like it with space, it is a lot easier to
work when all the different parts of your code are separated.

Anyway thanks very much for any help on this


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