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I have created login pages but am having problems when I test them for
my site.

When I type all the registration info in it accepts it no problem.
When I try and sign in though and then try and access the restricted
pages it takes me back to the login page.

The local root folder for the site is:

The remote folder and testing server  for the site is:

The URL is:

I am wondering whether it is something wrong with my .htaccess file?
And whether it is in the right location?

I get a tad confused testing locally because I never know where to put
things and what the site root is?

I have put the .htaccess file in the same folder as
C:\dw_dynapps\newland\ so it is also uploaded to the testing folder of

Is this the right place? If my site is upload to the remote folder
would that then mean that the site root with just be the C drive, and
that's where it should be located?

In case it is already in the right place, and it might be something
wrong in the actual file, this is what I have inside the file:

php_flag register_globals off  
php_value session.save_path C:\home\user\siteroot\sess\users
php_value session.cookie_time 3600
php_value session.gc_maxlifetime 3600
php_value include_path .:C:\home\user\siteroot\sess
php_value auto_prepend C:\home\user\siteroot\sess\path_file.php

Again, I'm not sure if I have the paths correct because I'm not sure
when testing locally.

Cheers for any help


Win XP Pro / DW 7.0.1
Running locally: Apache 2.0.49 / PHP 4.3.7 / MySQL 4.0.20a

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