Logging in to Outlook Web Access using PHP

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Does anybody know if it's possible to log into Outlook Web Access
using PHP?

I mean, if I have the username, password and email address I need to
have a link that opens directly into Outlook Web Access inbox or
something. Is this possible, and if so, does anyone know where I can
find more information on how to do this?


Re: Logging in to Outlook Web Access using PHP

All I want to do is make it so that the user is not prompted for the
HTTP Authentication when they click the link that takes them to the
OWA page. There must be some way to pass the authentication
credentials to the page somehos using PHP?

Re: Logging in to Outlook Web Access using PHP

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The problem is that once authenticated, OWA will pass you back a
cookie, session ID, or similar, which will reside on the server
running the PHP script.

You then have to try and feed that to the users browser/PC, but I
can't think of any way of doing it. It's probably not possible for
security reasons, anyway.


Re: Logging in to Outlook Web Access using PHP


on 10/22/2008 01:58 PM macca said the following:
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Do you want to access Outlook Web access pages using PHP or just
redirect the  user to Web access pages somehow pre-authenticated?


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Re: Logging in to Outlook Web Access using PHP

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Actually, I'm trying to figure a way of authenticating the client
somehow, not the server. Passing them to the OWA page is a pain as
they have to log in via the HTTP authentication even though the server
has the authentication information available.

Apparently OWA / Exchange has 3 types of authentication mechanisms:

Basic HTTP authentication : when a client directs the browser to the
login URL the user is prompted by the server for HTTP authentication
(Username & Password)

Forms based Authentication: where a standard HTML form is submitted to
the OWA login page to authenticate the user. This option can not be
used because it would mean creating a HTML form that would have the
username and password in plain text, which is a security

Digest Authentication: Which allow you to send the user's password
encrypted using a key passed by the OWA server in a HTTP response
header. This seems like the only option that would be plausible. The
only problem is, in order to authenticate the client (and not the PHP
server) this would have to be done on the client side (javascript/AJAX
or something). The problem with this is when attempting to get the
digest nonce (encryption key thingy) using javascript it is either
disallowed by the browser as a security threat - or if allowed, still
prompts for the HTTP authentication.!

So...basically, in order to get this to work I'm gonna need a way to
authenticate the user through the server and then pass on the
credentials to the client or something??

Ideas appreciated!!


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