Locating YP/NIS module for PHP 5.1.x in PECL

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Hi All,

PHP documentation reports that the YP/NIS module is not bundled with
PHP after 5.0.4 and is moved to the PECL repository.

I am not able to locate it.

Thes yp_* functions are an integral part of my project and am forced to
use PHP 5.0.4 for the project.

But PHP 5.0.4 has certain bugs like:
1. Returning an empty page ( and hence with a Download window as the
browser does not get the MIME type)
2. Returning "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes
exhausted (tried to allocate 94437 bytes) in ...." which are not found
in later versions.

These YP functions are blocking me from upgrading the PHP on my Linux
I need help in the following:
1. Locating the YP/NIS modules in PECL or
2. An alternative authentication scheme to the YP/NIS functions which
will enable me to upgrade PHP and avoid the above mentioned bugs

Thanks in advance
- Kishore

Re: Locating YP/NIS module for PHP 5.1.x in PECL

kishore.sainath@gmail.com wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Can't you install these on any PHP version?


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