Localization - A stupid question

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I was wandering where can I find the list of language code name with
this prefix country_language.
i.e. en_US, en_GB, fr_BE etc
I have noticed a few programs use this type of prefix (firefox does in
a way).
I have looked ISO's and never found exactly the list I am looking for.
Does anybody know anything about this..?

Thank you.

P.S. sorry for bothering you for this stupid question. I think I ran
out of google search keywords.. :S

Re: Localization - A stupid question

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They're sometimes called locales. Here are some lists but Im not sure how  
complete they are:
Also check this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locale

It's to separate the language from the nationality. For example Finland is  
officially bi-lingual, we have sv_Fi and fi_FI. The formatting currency,  
date, time, etc is same for all FI, but the language used in the application  
might be either swedish or finnish depending on which locale it is.

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Re: Localization - A stupid question

#@$(&@&#^&*@^*$^@$# !!!!!
I can't believe it..I was looking for about 2 hours for this! :P
Thank you very much.

Kimmo Laine wrote:
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Re: Localization - A stupid question

pek wrote:
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In Unix you can also use locale -a from the command line to see a list
of locales supported by the machine.

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