Live Chat via PHP and Gaim

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Is there a way I can bring up an entirely PHP-based service on my
intranet and then connect to it with Gaim, such as building an AOL IM
service clone in PHP, or perhaps a Jabber service in PHP?

Re: Live Chat via PHP and Gaim

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Possible, but probably not doable. IM protocols are usually UDP based. You'd
have to implement the server in PHP, doing all the low level networking
exchange yourself. As PHP is not well suited for such things, the result
would likely be highly unstable, crashing your server every hours or so.

Re: Live Chat via PHP and Gaim

Yeah, unless someone has already spent the time on this, I'd probably
be better off making the service as simple as I could, using the UDP
protocol and the socket API, with a primary knock-knock port and a
range of one-on-one ports for clients, and then rolling this out as an
open specification on SourceForge. Perhaps then someone on the Gaim
team would look at this and consider adding a plug-in agent for it in
Gaim.  (I think those plug-ins are built in C++, and I don't know how
to do that as fast as other people do.)

It wouldn't be suitable for heavy load, that is correct, but it could
handle small loads. It would also have to monitor itself, restart
itself, or do other maintenance if it were to get hung up or slow to a

Later on, someone could take the PHP code and rebuild it in Gnu C++ to
make it more stable and able to handle higher loads. That's the cool
thing about SourceForge projects on the Creative License (if that's
what one uses). Stuff like that happens.

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