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I don't really need to do this, but I was wondering.   Is there some way  
of obtaining a list of all the variables that have been declared in a  
PHP script ?

Ie. for globals you have $_GLOBAL, is there something that would let you  
know the name of all variables that have been declared?


Re: List all declared variables

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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.4, PHP 5)

get_defined_vars - Returns an array of all defined variables
array get_defined_vars ( void )

This function returns a multidimensional array containing a list of
all defined variables, be them environment, server or user-defined
variables, within the scope that get_defined_vars() is called.

Re: List all declared variables wrote:
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Interesting.  And a function for getting defined functions and  
classes... nice.   As I say, don't actually need to use them at the  
moment but that's good to know they are there!

So many functions, I should randomly read through the manual and ponder  
over what's there :-)

Re: List all declared variables

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That would be get_declared_classes and get_defined_functions.

You should really start reading the manual completely ;)


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