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I suppose this may be a simple question, but I did a port scan on my
Linksys router and found about 20 open UDP ports, along with the open
TCP ports that I configured for port forwarding. My question is, how
can these UDP ports be open to the outside world if I have not
specificly given the router permission to forward these ports?
Theoreticly, if I run FTP(21),SHH(22), & HTTP(80) on a server, but only
forward port 80, that will be the only open port when doing a port
scan... even though port 21 & 22 are open and listening on that given
box. Now, I know my theory is based on TCP ports, and I'm asking about
UDP ports, but I'm assuming the Linksys router/firewall should be
blocking everything, and only allowing what I permit.
I'd appreciate any insight into this matter, and ask that all replies
be cc: to my personal email.
Thank you.

Frank Baris
frank AT

Re: Linksys router - open ports

ClydeDev wrote:

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Hi Frank,

I cannot answer your question.
It could be a few things, but you better ask some expert on that matter.
A few wild ideas:
- When you request through NAP/router a random port is opened for response.  
Maybe your portscan found these?
- Are you sure your router doesn't have more 'rules' than the ones you  

Sorry to be unfriendly but you make 2 mistakes within your posting:

1) "I'd appreciate any insight into this matter, and ask that all replies be  
cc: to my personal email."

I refuse to mail personally, because the whole idea of a newsgroup is  
sharing questions/answers so others might benefit from that when they read  
it. So if you care about the answers, come back here.

2) Why did you post to comp.lang.php?
Your question has nothing to do with PHP.
Maybe you made a mistake posting here. (No problem)
Or maybe you think PHP-people know everything. (Almost true. :P)

You might get luckier in a relevant newsgroup.

Erwin Moller

Re: Linksys router - open ports

Kimmo Laine wrote:
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