Linking to Video File?

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This is more strictly an HTML problem, but as I'm also using PHP and the  
HTML groups seem to be infested with spam, I'm posting it here!

At the school where I work I've got an online searchable database of  
video tapes and dvds, using MySql and PHP on a Linux machine. It works  
fine. I'm trancoding  some of the tapes to avi files, which can be  
accessed as a samba share. I'd like to put clickable links into the  
database, so if a user sees the file is coloured blue, they can click it  
and it plays. I've got it working, but:

Using a 'href' link in HTML code of the PHP powered web page, the file  
is downloaded at the user end completely before it starts playing, which  
results in an unacceptably long delay. But if a user accesses the file  
directly using the samba share directory, the video starts almost  
immediately and 'streams'.

How can I embed into my PHP powered web page a link that uses samba file  
sharing, so it streams, please?

Jim Ford

Re: Linking to Video File?

Jim Ford wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it


You really need to ask this in an html group.  You'll get better answers  
there, spam or not.

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Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: Linking to Video File?

Jerry Stuckle wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

You don't want to be using an href.   Try looking up OBJECT / EMBED tags  
and embed the data in the web page inline.  The OBJECT/EMBED parameters
will be different depending on what you're embedding.

Flash Video is quite popular (like on YouTube), if you decide to go that  

You can find free embeddable Flash video players on the web, have a look  
at this tutorial if you decide to go the Flash Movie way:

There seems to be a nice link to a free Flash Video encoder which will  
transform your AVI's here (we have full version of flash here so I  
haven't used that but looks good):

Re: Linking to Video File?

Tyno Gendo wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thanks a lot Tyno, I'll follow up what you suggest.

Thanks again for putting me on the right path!

Jim Ford

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