line drawing?

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Hi everyone,
I'm looking for a way to draw a line that will zig-zag its way thru an  
image randomly, crisscrossing itself many times, based on random numbers  
_and_ php.

To give you an idea of what I'd like to do, here's a link to a gif :

I've spent a lot of time googling about how to draw that kind of line  
with php but I only came across how to draw texts, charts and pies.

Is there a way to do that or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Thanks for your answers


Re: line drawing?

marko wrote:
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I guess javascript or even java would be a better option, what I can think of  
you can do with php, would be place out one pixel large images by somewhat  
controlled random (has to have one side connected to another black dot) with  
the help of div-tags (html).


Re: line drawing?

J.O. Aho schreef:

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Hmm, I wouldn't do that...  I guess there's some overhead then...

Why not use the image library from php? ( )
I don't know about it much, but I use it to dynamically create captchas
and buttons on my site.



Re: line drawing?

Bart op de grote markt said the following on 24/11/06 14:32:
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I think you're on the right track as this little number is in there.


The OP only needs short lines, the end coordinates of the first line  
then become the start coordinates of the next line, the end coordinates  
being part of a random routine all in a short loop.


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Re: line drawing?

An noise sounding like marko said:
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Use gd to draw the lines
start point = randx randy
for(1 - how many lines)
    end point = randx randy
    draw line from start point to end point
    start point = end point
    next loop


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Re: line drawing?

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You need to use the GD image functions:

0) pick number (random?) of iterations for entire image
1) pick a random start point ($startX, $startY)
2) pick a random direction to move in ($directionX, $directionY), could
be -1, 0, or 1 for each
3) pick a random number of moves ($move)
4) loop $move times placing pixels in the image
5) loop back to 2

basic code snippet (uses no 'real' math), you'll need to read up on some
geometric math to do fancier.

// create image here

$directions = array(-1,0,1);

$startX = rand(0, $imageW); // image width
$startY = rand(0, $imageH); // image height
$iterations = rand(5000,15000); // 10000 iterations
for ($main_loop = 0; $main_loop <= $iterations, $main_loop++)
    $tmp = rand(0,2);
    $directionX = $directions[$tmp];
    $tmp = rand(0,2);
    $directionY = $directions[$tmp];

    $moves = rand(5,100);

    for ($draw_loop = 0, $draw_loop <= $moves, $draw_loop++)
        if ((($startX + $directionX) >= 0) AND (($startX + $directionX) <=
            $startX += $directionX;
        if ((($startY + $directionY) >= 0) AND (($startY + $directionY) <=
            $startY += $directionY;
        // place pixel draw function here using $startX, and $startY as the
// output image here

Can probably be done with less code, but this is just off the top of my head
to get you started...


Re: line drawing?

Norman Peelman a écrit :
<snip code>

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thank you very much, this is really interesting.
I'll try to add in some curves by looking up at some math.

thank you!


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