Letting SOAP leave XML alone.

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finally a question from this side: for a project I'm doing SOAP requests
with the built in SOAP extension. Works like a charm with a proper WSDL.
However, for some validation I have a long & a short way around: the
short way would be a md5 sum over a certain portion + a secret. This
would save me a lot of time, but seems impossible to implement right
now, as PHP's SOAP seems to fiddle with the received XML (altering
attribute order, converting empty tags (<foo></foo>) to self closing one
s (<foo />)). Is there a way, besides extending SOAP & capturing the
SOAP::__getLastResponse(), to tell PHP's SOAP to do leave the received
XML alone? I'm missing some documentation of the SOAP constants.

't Would of course be solvable using other methods, using either an
option provided by the service compromising a complex concatenating of
fields (which kind of breaks the flow of my design, as a soaprequest
right now has no knowledge of the required fields, and I'll have to hack
it in), or writing the SOAP request more or less by hand (DOM /
SimpleXML), both of which would take a lot more time then a possible
solution to let SOAP leave the XML as is. So, any suggestions?
Rik Wasmus
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Re: Letting SOAP leave XML alone.

Rik Wasmus wrote:
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Ah, the pressures of time, I'll employ a ugly
soapclient::__getLastResponse() hack right now, still wondering whether
there's an answer to this one though...
Rik Wasmus
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