LDAP authentication problem

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I'm developping a module in PHP to get the users of a LDAP server and
add them in a Postgre database, where normal users are too.

I've managed to do this "easily" but now a new problem shows up.
When a user tries to logon onto the platform, I have to verify whether
he is a normal user or not. If he is a normal user, I check the login
and password basically, with just a select into the database.

But when the user comes from a LDAP server, in order to check if he is
still present on the LDAP server, I have to make a connection on the
LDAP server and bind with his "login" (DN) and password.

The problem is that PHP keeps sending me a ldap_bind error (not enough
credential, error 50).
With the manager account, I can bind easily on to the server but not
with a normal user account.

I guess that the problem comes from the Access List in the slapd.conf
(I'm using OpenLDAP), but I can't find a good access list.
I've first thought about logging in with the manager account and then
check if the user was still on the server but the password encryption
can change, and OpenLDAP isn't the only server that might be used with
the platform.

Can anybody help me please ?

Thx in advance

PS. : Excuse me if there are any mistakes (and I'm sure there are),
but I'm French :-)

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