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Excuseme if it isn't a strictly PHP related post...
I've a local database (ms access) wich has all the stock information
(nearly 10000 daily-changing records), and I want to keep this info on
line as well (I've an PHP-mySql on-line catalog of the same products).
What would be the best aproach to achieve this? I mean, this can't be
done with a php form-window which updates the article's quantity one by
one... (it would takes 100 years:)

Any kind of tips, advices, links,... would be apreciated

Note that I can't upload the access db and work directly with it,
beacause there is no permanent internet connection where it is placed.
The update proccess should/will be performed once a day, maybe twice...

regards - julian

Re: large db update

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The only way I can think of is to perform a "export" to a Tab or comma  
separated file for each table and use phpMyAdmin to read the files in as  
often as you need to do this.  I see no way to automate this which make  
this a process highly prone to errors.  I'd look at changing the Access  
database (put it on a network and develop some way to update the MySQL  
database) or just drop the on-line MySQL altogether and rethink what  
business solution you're trying to solve with it.

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Re: large db update

julian_m wrote:

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First off, you'll be very happy after you've gotten rid of that Access
database and done this for real, but since that's not today's project, what
can you do today?

One thing you can do if you have PHP on the Access machine is write a little
script that opens the db, pulls out the data, and submits it as a file
upload to a server routine that processes it and adds it to your 'real'
database (the PHP-mySQL system).  You can then either time this process to
happen from time to time or you can have somebody do it manually.

The other way is to do it entirely from the server.  Even though you don't
have 24-hour connection, you must have the connection at some point to do
whatever kind of transfer it will be, so at that point have the server
connect to the Access database via ODBC, pull the data, and put it into the
PHP-mySQL system.

Hope this helps.

Kenneth Downs
Secure Data Software, Inc.

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