Language / Character set with phpmyadmin

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Dear all,
Hello to all the great minds of php. My humble question is regarding
the phpmyadmin. As you know the welcome screen of phpmyadmin allows
one to choose the language.
My question is this: if the data was entered into a database of mySQL
in UNICODE, like "محمدان" and so
fort, then how can we display this in a readable format when for
example trying to Insert a new record from the phpmyadmin Insert
option for the particular table? Because all I get is the unicode text
back when I press the Insert or Browse records links.
So here is what happened: mySQL database and tables were created using
command line. Relationships were then added using phpmyadmin. Records
were then inserted into the tables typing the Arabic into the
availabel table fields. Now, the records are ofcourse kept in the
mySQL database as unicode like I mentioned above, but when I press the
Insert button, I want to see the human readable text and
relationships, not the unicode text directly from database.
Not that I already know how to display these records in a php page off
the database, but how can I do this from phpmyadmin? My efforts to
change the language settings to any Arabic or similar character sets
failed and the same unicode text like mentioned above is displayed,
please help or I will have to write a lot of unnecessary code to
create separate admin.

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