Language and currency changing script ?

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I am asking this on behalf of a friend who is - as I am - completely  
ignorant of php. Almost.

He has CartWeaver shopping cart. The php version. He need to be able to  
allow users to swap currency and language with a click, but still have  
the cart connected to one single and the same data base.

He has been in touch with the developers, and their reply is that the  
feature might be included in next version.

Question is: Can he in some way apply this in a way himself with some  
link(s) to extra language and currency files? If so, how should it be  
done? Are there any samples out there? (we have both searched the web  
for a month - in vane).

Any reply would be great. And if someone actually comes with a solution,  
that would be awesome.


Re: Language and currency changing script ?

Danny Boy wrote:
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Obviously he *could* do it.  But if he's pretty ignorant of PHP chances  
are it will be beyond his capabilities - at least easily.

I mean - no one knows CartWeaver better than the developers.   And if  
they aren't going to do it until next release (maybe), then a beginner  
in PHP won't have a big chance without a LOT of work (by which time the  
new version may be out).

If he wants it badly enough, he can pay someone to do it (either one of  
the developers or a consultant).  Otherwise he has two choices - wait  
for the next release, or find a cart which does what he wants.

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Re: Language and currency changing script ?

Jerry Stuckle wrote:

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Hi Jerry,

Thanks for reply.
I thought that there might be some relatively easy way to *add* a  
snippet to the cart and point that to extra language and currency  
documents in ssome way. Not really to integrate it into Cartweaver, if  
you know what I mean.

But I suppose it won't be done except from the way your suggest.

Thanks a bunch

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