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I have a Small office. and i have 5 PC there. i in bit concer about the Programming in PHP i want to get the Login Time of All my  PC on Lan.

my question is :- "How to Get the Lan System Login time  at lan"

i use the  
echo system("systeminfo | find /i 'Boot Time'");

it works fine for my Pc and Shows the Login Time of My Server  
what should i Do for the Client?

Please help Me  


Re: Lan Pc Login time

On 29/11/13 07:27, Andy wrote:
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No real help for you here, as I woudl have used who, but that ain't  
supported in your installation.

If you are thinking of monitoring your computers, I would just recommend  
you to use nagios or icinga, there is no point in trying to reinvent the  
wheel when there is professional open source solutions which already do  
the job well.



Re: Lan Pc Login time

Thanks J.O

i dont want ot install any software. is there any way to find it. i am not a programmer but want the solution of my problem... i m using  windows not Linux so where should i start...

Re: Lan Pc Login time

On 11/29/2013 2:16 AM, Andy wrote:
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As J.O. said.  Get one of the packages made to do this.  Your other  
alternative would be to hire a programmer to do it for you.  Either way  
you'll have to install software.

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Re: Lan Pc Login time

Andy wrote:

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Use Task Scheduler on the nodes to send a message to your host for login  

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