Komodo/PHP/MySQL Problem

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Hi all,

I have setup PHP/MySQL (using mysqli) and works properly from the
command line. Here is the code that works when run from the command

 $conn = new mysqli('localhost','root','xyz'','testdb');
   if (mysqli_connect_errno() != 0)

Now I want to use Komodo for the IDE/Debugger. When I set the Komodo
debugger to use PHP-WIN.EXE I get a CLI error. Someone said there is a
problem with Komodo and CLI (I assume this means the .NET stuff)

I then switch the Komodo debugger to use PHP-CGI.EXE and I get the
message below:
PHP Fatal error:  Class 'mysqli' not found in
C:\PHP5Apps\Astir\PHP-1.php on line 5

I am at a loss, as I cant seem to be able to to debug either way with
Komodo. (I could switch but I already paid for it and runs on both
Linux and Windows.).

Anyone can help me?


Re: Komodo/PHP/MySQL Problem

Ok figured it out.

1) I had to set in PHP.INI this path:

; Directory in which the loadable extensions (modules) reside.
extension_dir = "C:\PHP5\ext"

2) I had to rerun the Komodo Debug Wizard which added a couple of lines
at the very top of PHP.INI in a backup folder.

Also, found out that extension_dir only allows one path. You cant
semicolon paths it seems.


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