JSP equivalent to PHP $_SERVER?

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I looked up System.getProperties, but to be honest, I have no clue how
to use it in light of what I can do in PHP, which is this:

<?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] . ' ' . $_SERVER['SERVER_URI'];

it would be very nice to find the JSP equivalent of <? phpinfo(); ?>
(anyone know who knows both PHP and JSP?) but until then, what on earth
do I do?


Re: JSP equivalent to PHP $_SERVER?

comp.lang.php wrote:
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User agent is a Http header right?

If so you want

String getHeader(String) on the HttpServletRequest



this returns a String that you can do what you like with.

I don't know php, but looking up phpinfo() it seems like there wont be a  
single Java equivalent, as no object has all that information at its  
disposal. Some of the information is probably availabel through  
different methods though.


Re: JSP equivalent to PHP $_SERVER?

Thanx, I just had no info on that one, sorry.  In PHP $_REQUEST and
$_SERVER and $_ENV are completely different collections, so I had no
reference coming into Java.


James Westby wrote:
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