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Hey there. I am trying to use google local ajax results in PHP. My
problem is converting the returned data into variables. I have tried
json_decode and that didn't seem to do it. Here is the link the the
returned results:

So my question is, How can I parse each result?

Riley S.

Re: Json Question

On 25 Apr 2009, riley.silzack@gmail.com wrote:

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Fairly easily.


$email = str_replace('sig.invalid', 'gmail.com', $from);

Anonymous (1984 IOCCC winner):
int i;main()"];read('-'-'-',i+++"hell\
o, world!\n",'/'/'/'));}read(j,i,p)

Re: Json Question

riley.silzack@gmail.com escribió:
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You can parse each result with json_decode():


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