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Kimmo Laine wrote:
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Re: Joys of CVS wrote:
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I have work with a few of them and as of late I am personally using  
Subversion. Also using Subeclipse for the Eclipse interface and  
TortoiseSVN for a interface via the windows file explorer.

Rather than write up reasons why I will point you to some information  
that should explain it's existence. Apparently you have not worked in a  
corporate environment where products of this nature are heavily used. In  
those environments it would be easy to justify their use.

Thanks in Advance...
IchBin, Pocono Lake, Pa, USA    

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Re: Joys of CVS

An noise sounding like NewsLeecher User ( said:
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Never used CVS. Heavily use subversion (svn).
The point, you can't really understand until it saves your ass someday.
But once you reach that point, you'll hate working without some from of
revision control system.


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Re: Joys of CVS

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CVS is very cool. You can use it from both windows and linux.
There are various scenarios when it comes in handy. Here's some:
sometimes you modify code to go in a particular direction and for one reason
or another it doesn't work out and you need to revert to the previous
version, with CVS a few clicks and you restore what was;
on complex systems when you have several programmers working on different
parts and someone has messed something up you can revert to previous
versions to find where the culprit is;
you can have more than one developer working on _different_ parts of the
same module and CVS will merge the differences; and
it's also great as a backup tool.
Best if the CVS is on a different machine from the dev one.

Re: Joys of CVS

CVS is used in coprporate environments in order to propogate wildly  
different versions of the bugs they generate.

It has recently found wide use on the internet allowing those bugs to  
expand their horizons beyond anyones dreams thanks to access by people
who couldn't write a for loop if you spelt it out for them. This  
generates large profits for support companies.

CVS has no valid use anywhere at any time for any reason.  
It is a tool for lazy people, inept programmmers and impatient idiots.

Re: Joys of CVS

I use SVN a lot.

It simplifies (or it should simplify) the versioning. In the beginning you'll  
have to get formiliar with some standards procedures (eliminate the fast, quick  
and dirty fixes on the server right away).
Currently I'm busy with a reasonable large project (in own hands though) and I'm  
happy with the SVN (or subversion or any CVS).
You get a nice track of versions, easily step back to a former version, track  

I know, most of the things can be done just coping the project around but in the  
end it gets very messy and ugly.

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