Joomla - User Data with mails to Admin

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Hi guys,
before tell you my problem i would like to explane what i'm trying to
do. I'm actually using on my site Joomla. Usually, when a user get the
registration the admin got the mail with some details of the user. Well
i would like to receive the psw of the user too, because i need all the
information to store it in another database outside the site. So the
problem is, i need userid and psw of all the users; but on the database
are encrypted with MD5 so they are useless. What i need to modify to
get emailed with other details their psw ???
I know, isn't so secure, but i can't ask to every one, to send an email
to me with all his registration details.

Can you help me ??
Thank's. Cheers,

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