Joomla replacement suggestion re AOL problem

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My nonprofit is using a developer to create the database portion of
our password protected membership site (involving displays of tables
including "who sponsors me" and "who I sponsor" and "members by zip
code" etc.) We asked them to develop it in Joomla so we could make
ongoing changes on a weekly, or even daily basis.

What they created now works perfectly in IE and other browsers,
including one stop registration and login for main site and PHPBB

The problem is AOL which I understand isstill used by 30% of US users.
You cant even log in with AOL which I now find is an inherent problem
with no good fixes, in Joomla (if you are interested see,138764.0.html

I asked our developer to perhaps move the database to some other
content management system, or blog type software, but he claims lack
of expertise in anything but Joomla.

Any suggestions? I dont want get into a standoff with develooper if it
is only a couple hundred dollars to move it, but I am getting the
impression he is reluctant to spend more time. What other suggestions
might you have for easy move of database to a system allowing easy and
ongoing changes to non-technical people. I will probably post a
project on elance for this- I believe my developer will cooperate with
that- but need to know what to ask for.


Re: Joomla replacement suggestion re AOL problem

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This is a WILDLY inflated estimate.  As of December 31, 2006, AOL had
13.2 million subscribers in the U.S., according to Time Warner's 10-K
filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission:

Assuming that all AOL user use AOL browser (many don't, preferring to
minimize AOL on connection and use a real browser; there are also
users who only subscribe to AOL as a backup ISP, in case their
broadband goes down) and the total Internet user base in the U.S. is
200 million, you are looking at 6.5% of the user base using AOL.

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Note that this problem seems to be specific to Joomla 1.0, so you may
look into testing out Joomla 1.5 and see if your problem exists

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So find another developer...  Generally, though, you should expect the
cost of such move to be substantial.  Everything that was done for
your Joomla! application (from the theme defining its visual layout to
the custom modules) will have to be re-done for the new base

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As a short-term fix, have your developer apply this patch:

and set your application security to Level 2.


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