joomla CMS takes more system resource, is it true ?

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i am  an engineering student form Indian  ,recently i attended one
project contest(fossconf) there i came to know that joomla cms is not
recommended to use for creating a web application that reads citizens
detail and stores in database , because it take some system resource
like CPU and other stuffs, is it true ?
And the team who did their web application project with joomla got
only second prize just because they are using joomla cms.

Re: joomla CMS takes more system resource, is it true ?

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A widely used CMS will as a rule of thumb always take up more resources  
then necessary, just because of the abstraction level and the number of  
different things it must be capable of. Wether to use a CMS is normally a  
pretty easy calculation. Check wether or not this 'overuse' of resources  
is going to be a problem (it usually isn't), check wether a CMS is  
allready capable of the functionality you desire, and compare the  
development time & costs needed to either set up the CMS & use it, or to  
write a slick, efficient solution yourself. Server resources are in normal  
live seldomly the problem, and if they become one, making more efficient  
PHP code is often just a temporary thing, a rewrite in a non-interpreted  
language is often the next step. Also, keep in mind more hardware could be  
cheaper then more development time.
Rik Wasmus

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