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Re: Jobs in php says...
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Why do you even think there is such a thing as a "PHP job" ?

Its like saying to a car mechanic, "How proficient do you have to be with  
a socket wrench to be a car mechanic?"

Re: Jobs in php wrote:
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Many car mechanics specialize. Some only work on domestic cars. Some
specialize on German cars. I know one who only works on Volvos. I also
know some who specialize in rebuilding engines.

Now, if you had a Volvo, or if you needed the engine of your car
rebuilt, who would you prefer? The specialist or the generalist?

Likewise, we can talk about specialties when we talk about programmers
- enccryption, web development, J2EE, a scripting language, etc.

Re: Jobs in php

On Sun, 21 May 2006 18:20:54 GMT, wrote:

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You're kidding, right?  The best paid mechanics are specialized.  ASE
Certification is harder than MCSE certification.  You might want to
pick a different analogy next time.  

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