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Ever wanted to work in a team that is seeking to revolutionize an
industry? If the chance to be part of something great is the sort of
thing that gets you up in the morning, you will fit in well with the
rest of us.

    * Essential: Pride in your work and good software development
    * Required: Some PHP and MySQL experience
    * Helpful: Object-oriented JavaScript, Linux admin, Interface

We're looking for an awesome programmer to join our small (and
quickly growing) company. You will be developing in a LAMP (Linux,
Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment, and you will need some experience in
this area, but we are more interested in your general skills as a
programmer. Experience with object-oriented JavaScript, XHTML/CSS,
Linux administration and user interface design will be a big plus.

You'll get to work with a great team, cutting-edge technology, and in
a great environment. And, for your time, we'll pay you well.

Initially you will be offered a three-month contract for an exciting
project, and the role will likely lead to further employment

For more information contact Sam Minnée on:

64 4 381 4486


Re: Job: PHP Legend / Wellingon / New Zealand

Are you willing to accept Telecommuters, or does an applicant have to
relocate to New Zealand?

gremlin wrote:
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PHP development


I may be able to help you with your PHP development work. My latest
work can be seen at

I can also send my C.V. and script examples.
I am UK based

Martin Roberts

Re: PHP development

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I got two runtime errors, lines 57 & 76, and they popped up again when the
page forced a reload...

Re: PHP development

RobertsMrtn wrote:

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Hi Martin,

If you've not already done so, I'd suggest you get a copy of Firefox with
the web developer extension. In addition to getting a compliant web page,
it makes development a lot easier. I'd also recommend not using HTML
comments for anything you don't explicitly want to go to the browser. You
should also think about how to implement a secure logon system.

As an advert for your skills, the URL you presented could serve you a lot

Good luck,


[OT] Re: PHP development

Colin McKinnon wrote:
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   I think, it is even better to have tidy
< in this case.

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   What I found was frames and revision info in HTML comments. FWIW, it
is sometimes/many times better not to claim of skills.

  <?php echo 'Just another PHP saint'; ?>
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Re: PHP development

RobertsMrtn contained the following:

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But the dates in your invoice are in American format.

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