Javascript and the combobox printing

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We have a combo box on our page, which gets populated via a MySQL

What we want to do is to print the values on the page in a table that
correspond the to selection from the combo box without a page refresh.

I assume that I'll need to query ALL the needed values from the
database and store them in an array This can be done in PHP.  Drawing
the combo box is not a problem.  But, once a selection is made, how do
I print the values to the page?

I'm assuming an 'on change' events needs to be attached to the box,
but, it is not a form, so, there would not be any submit to the
server.  How do we print the values from the selection made?  Would it
have to be javascript rather than PHP, or a function that is called?


Re: Javascript and the combobox printing

Mtek a écrit :
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Refer to the previous answers.

According those few words, nothing can be done with PHP which is server
side, while an action without any refresh is "client-sided" (thus


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