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 I noticed a post that mentioned PHP does a better job of dynamic web
content than java and wanted to see what people have to say about that.
Also, I saw it mentioned that in PHP you don't have to mark objects as
serializable and sessions are more transparent with or without cookies.

 I've done some java but am mainly a C++ programmer at this point, but
want to start reading up on web development. I have to find my big
thick Java book, someone may have borrowed it. I got into doing alot of
perl for automated testing and started reading perl/CGI, various perl
web stuff and PHP books.
Maybe I should go back and focus on Java more, and then see if I want
to play with PHP. Can you find free web hosting that has perl/java/php
support ? Is it worth building my own web server with Apache ? I am
mainly interested in furthering my programming skills. I would think
getting an apache web server running would give me more admin skills.
That might be good if I wanted to do my own freelance work. I would
like to be able to have a flexibale work schedule, do some part time
work etc. I'd also have to buy another computer probably to install
apache on.

Is the difference between Java and PHP sort of like the difference
between C++ and perl ?

 I would also guess Java has better security features ?

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