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I think this capability is lacking in php.

Suppose there is a group of checkboxes all named "procedure".  Doing a
$_POST['procedure'] returns all the ones that are checked and not the
ones that are not checked.  It would be nice if there were a way to get
them all and then discern which were checked.  [Note: This can be done
in Javascript with document.getElementsByName('procedure') and then
testing  whether each of the child nodes is checked].

This post arose from a question I had posted in comp.lang.mysql.  I have
a group of checkboxes and I would like to be able to put them all into
the database table, specifying which was checked and which was not. The
only way I can see doing that is to (a) sort the array by ID that is
returned from the $_POST and (b) compare each element in it with a list
of all the checkboxes ordered by ID used to generate the form.  A little
tedious, but it would work.

Re: It would be nice

sheldonlg pisze:
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It has nothing to do with PHP.

Radek N.

Re: It would be nice

On Thu, 13 Nov 2008 08:31:13 -0500, sheldonlg <sheldonlg> wrote:
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DOM != POST/GET request.

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Sounds like you're trying to use the wrong approach.  This has
nothing to do with PHP and everything to do with how the (X)HTML spec
defines "successful controls."[1]  Since your "problem" is actually
standard HTML behavior, it is the same with any language processing
the request.

Before attempting to fault a language, you should attempt to better
understand the issue at hand.

[1] <URL: -
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