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does anybody know what the use of the exclamation mark in "!isset" is?
It seems that the script below is only willing to work properly if used
without "!".

  die ("Access denied");


Re: !isset

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It is one of the basic operators, it performs a boolean NOT operation to  
given value. Ie. if the value is FALSE, the NOT operator will make it TRUE,  
and vice cersa, TRUE will become FALSE

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You are completely changing the functionality of the script to something it  
was never intended.

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This horrible piece of script registers all session variables as variables,  
then checks weather the session variable called 'password' exists,  
assumingly it is only present once the user has logged in. If it does not  
exists, the script stops giving the error message 'access denied'. Once you  
remove the exlamation mark, you are no longer checking weather the user is  
logged in or not - in fact you are throwing out anyone who is. If this is  
what you want, then you can remove the entire section of code if it is all  
the same to you. Not that it was really secure in the first place...

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Re: !isset

Thank you for your answer. The problem occurred in an internal
information system, accessible by only a few users. There is another
virtual host running, which needed the php.ini's session parameters
adapted. Since then the first authentication of the information system
is indeed able to authenticate the user/password and to redirect into
the "odd" script which comes up with the "access denied" message

Anyway, the only protected function is an index-update, so I won't
spend much more time on the matter.

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