ISP turned allow_url_fopen off

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I have a recent server issue that I need some guidance on. Someone  
hacked into one of my domains through a flaw in an older version of a  
script called Reviewpost Pro. Knocked the server offline for about 1/2 a  
day. An updated version has since been installed.

As a result of the hacking, my ISP has turned off allow_url_fopen in the  
PHP ini. This has broken the displaying of thumbnails in the updated  
program although everything else seems to be working properly.

Does anyone know if there is a workaround like cURL or something that  
can be used in place of allow_url_fopen? I don't enough about cURL or  
any other method myself. I asked at the RP forum but all they do is pass  
the buck and say that it isn't their fault that the script isn't working.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on a way around this?


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Re: ISP turned allow_url_fopen off

Sure, you can use cURL. There's a basic usage example at

JackM wrote:
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