ISAPI mode - functions not working

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We have a high traffic PHP built website which, for reasons beyond my
control, is hosted on a twin processor (Zeus) Windows 2003/IIS6 server.
PHP 4.4.1 came preinstalled as a CGI but because of the load we were
getting random 'CGI Header' errors. Microsoft have found the problem to
be with the processors entering 'race mode' (because of the high number
of CGI processes being created), and have advised us to run PHP in
ISAPI mode. So I have configured IIS to do this. PHP runs well in this
mode except for in one crucial area - no file system functions are now
working. Examples being;


and so on..

For example this code:

echo realpath('index.html');

which works as expected in CGI mode returns FALSE in ISAPI mode.

Similarly if I try to open an existing file with fopen() I get a 'file
does not exist' type error. The same happens if I use the absolute path
to the file.

Now I've been searching the groups and and can find no
reference to this particular problem so I'm sure this is NOT a bug in
PHP but more likely some kind of configuration problem, possibly
something I need to enter in php.ini?

I can toggle IIS between CGI and ISAPI and all the file based functions
work perfectly in CGI mode and not at all in ISAPI. Both use the same
php.ini file.

If anyone can shed any light on this matter I would be most grateful.


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