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Well, after half pulling my hair out messing with this, I am thinking it is
not possible.  I did research and found references to "sub-queries" not
possible in MySQL (I am using 4.0.18-32 with PHP 4).  But, not sure if I am
breaking that rule or not.

Psuedo code of what I am trying to do...


$sql = "select * from table1";
$db_result = mysql_query($sql);

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($db_result)) {
    $table_key = $row("table_key");

    $sql2 = "select * from table2 where tabel_key='$table_key'";
    $db_result2 = mysql_query($sql2);
    $row2 = mysql_fetch_array($db_result2);

    if record exists in table2
        do something with table 2;
        do something with table 1;

The second query seems to always return an empty array.  Is this nested
query allowed in PHP/MySQL?

Thanks in advance for any help,


Re: Is this Possible - PHP/MySQL

from Phillip T. Murphy contained the following:

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Re: Is this Possible - PHP/MySQL

 .oO(Phillip T. Murphy)

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A subquery (or subselect) is a SELECT statement nested inside another:

SELECT something FROM somewhere WHERE foo = (SELECT somethingelse ...)

Subqueries are supported as of MySQL 4.1.

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No problem with that.

But you have no error checking in your code, you won't notice when a
query fails. Check if mysql_query() returns a resource ID, if not have a
look at mysql_error() to see if MySQL encountered a problem.


Re: Is this Possible - PHP/MySQL

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Thanks for the quick reply.  in the interest of space, I cut that out.  I
have a function defined that replaces the mysql_query() call and does error

At least I know what I am trying to do is possible now.  I am starting over.
I would like to be able to just use a LEFT JOIN, but the second table needs
a where clause on a field that does not exist in the first table, so too
many records are elimiated.

I will keep trying.  Thanks for the input.

Re: Is this Possible - PHP/MySQL

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Not sure if/what this will fix, but in that last line ($table_key =
$row("table_key");), the parantheses in $row("table_key") should be changed
to brackets: $row["table_key"]

- JP

Re: Is this Possible - PHP/MySQL

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Thanks for the responses everyone.  Thanks to suggestions here and assuring
me that it is possible to do nested queries, I got it to work.

Come to find out, it had to do with the way I was checking if the second
query returned anything or not.  When it didn't return anything, I was
checking one of the array variables to see if it was NULL or Blank.  That
did not work.  I backed up and now check what the mysql_query returns (FALSE
or an Array).

All is now well.  As always, coming to a group like this to get answers fast
solved my problem.

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