is there any CVS PHP handling package? PEAR or... whatever?

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Hi guys,

I've been searching for SCM classes that handle source code for
different apps using PHP.

For SubVersion, I've found the PEAR package called VersionControl_SVN
which works pretty well.

Now, I'm trying to find something similar for CVS, has anyone tried to
implement such package in PHP, or I should start coding? After some
time of research, I've found nothing, and I'm pretty disapointed, CVS
is still popular, and most of the sourceforge projects are CVSed.

Thanks for your feedback.

Vladimir Ghetau

Re: is there any CVS PHP handling package? PEAR or... whatever?

Hi Vladimir,

Look at for the ccvs functions.

    * ccvs_add -- Add data to a transaction
    * ccvs_auth -- Perform credit authorization test on a transaction
    * ccvs_command -- Performs a command which is peculiar to a single
protocol, and thus is not available in the general CCVS API
    * ccvs_count -- Find out how many transactions of a given type are
stored in the system
    * ccvs_delete -- Delete a transaction
    * ccvs_done -- Terminate CCVS engine and do cleanup work
    * ccvs_init -- Initialize CCVS for use
    * ccvs_lookup -- Look up an item of a particular type in the
database #
    * ccvs_new -- Create a new, blank transaction
    * ccvs_report -- Return the status of the background communication
    * ccvs_return -- Transfer funds from the merchant to the credit
card holder
    * ccvs_reverse -- Perform a full reversal on an already-processed
    * ccvs_sale -- Transfer funds from the credit card holder to the
    * ccvs_status -- Check the status of an invoice
    * ccvs_textvalue -- Get text return value for previous function
    * ccvs_void -- Perform a full reversal on a completed transaction

Hope it helps.

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Re: is there any CVS PHP handling package? PEAR or... whatever?

michael wrote:

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CCVS is nothing to do with CVS.

For the OP, rather than working with the PEAR package, you might find the  
PECL SVN module more to your liking:

There doesn't seem to be a CVS equivalent, but if you're really desperate,  
you could try combining both of these:

I imagine it would be easier to just wrap around /usr/bin/cvs with exec()  
calls though.

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