Is There a File Size Limit for "Include"?

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I have a Php program made up of a small script "A.php"
that includes a large script "B.php". This program runs fine
on dozens of web servers, but fails with no error message
on one particular server. What fails is the "include" line in
A.php that includes B.php. To try to isolate the problem,
I cut out different parts of B.php... what I found is that it
doesn't matter what particular sections I leave in and what
I remove; what matters is the size of the file. If B.php is
less than about 1.5 MB, it works. If B.php > 1.5 MB, the
include command fails.

I checked the docs and boards and haven't seen anything
about a maximum size limit for included Php files. And
again, the program works on most servers, so the limit
seems to be specific to this server's configuration, rather
than inherent in Php. The server software is:

Apache/1.3.27 (Unix) (Red-Hat/Linux) PHP/5.0.3

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Is There a File Size Limit for "Include"?

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You are forgetting that php has a certain amount of memory it can use.
So what you should look at is how much memory is being taken and try
increasing that amount.


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