is_null very slow

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I am a newcomer to php; I recently loaded a binary copy (5.0.3) onto my PC
running win2k and Apache 2.0.52.
It seems to work fine except that it is very slow running the function
is_null e.g. the dummy program below -
for($i=0; $i<1000; $i++) {
  if(is_null($x)) $y=0;
echo 'done'
This takes around 30 seconds to run and the disk is accessed continuously.
A friend ran it under both win2k and Linux and it finished in under a
second. Have I set up something wrong? As I say everything else seems fine.
Thanks for any help.
Peter Croft

Re: is_null very slow

On Wed, 8 Jun 2005 22:11:55 +0100, "Peter Croft"

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 That would produce 1000 warnings under a sensible error_reporting

 Perhaps your copy is logging warnings to a file, whereas your friend's has
error reporting disabled entirely.

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Re: is_null very slow

Thanks - that seems to be the answer.
I see I misunderstood is_null. What I was trying to do was to find which
values in an array had not been assigned to
and then give them a value
(It is more convenient for me to do things this way than to assign default
values to start with.)
for($i=0; $i<1000; $i++) {
  if(is_null($x[$i])) $x[$i]=$i;
I have just read about isset - is that the right way to do it?
To a php-newbie it seems a bit strange that some elements in an array can be
considered undefined whilst others aren't.

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Re: is_null very slow

Following on from Peter Croft's message. . .
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You often find empty building plots in a street.

Some houses are vacant. - $house[67]=0;

Some may not be built or have been demolished.
  - unset($house[45])

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Re: is_null very slow

Why don't you use isset() or empty() instead then?

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