Is it possible to list directory content with CURL

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My site is hosted on a Godaddy reseller site. Godaddy only allows the
use of Curl to access remote sites.

What is the method for listing a directory after connecting to the
site with Curl?

I've already tested my code for connecting but how do I list whats in
the directory.

The purpose is to compare the list to the filenames in my database.

Re: Is it possible to list directory content with CURL

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When connecting to the site using FTP, it is possible to retrieve
directory listings. When connecting to the site using HTTP, it is only
possible if the server supports it.
Server supports directory listings: /
Server denies directory listing: /
Server serves page instead of listing: /

When you get a directory listing from a HTTP webserver, it is simply
another webpage. It is a HTML page, which is just made to look like a
directory listing. If you want information out of it, you have to make
a script which parses the HTML. Note that the HTML for different sites
may differ, depending on what webserver of software they have

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