is fgets causing these line breaks

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I am downloading data from a website that displays it in a table
        $fp = fopen("a website page", 'r');

The following accesses the stream one <td> element at a time
        $myData = fgets($fp);

Then I select the $myData that I want and add them to a string, $str1
                 $str1 = $str1.$myData;
                 $myData = fgets($fp);

then strip the html tags from the string
        $body = strip_tags($str1);

and use the resulting string as the body of an email

If I echo $body to the php page doing all this,  $body displays as a single
line with no line breaks.
However the resulting email displays $body as a series of lines
corresponding to those derived from $myData = fgets($fp).
Can someone please explain what is happening here?
Ideally I would like to be able format $body so the email lines break
differently to this.


Re: is fgets causing these line breaks

Bill wrote:
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fgets() returns a string with the newline attached!

You may want to trim() it before processing further:

    $myData = trim(fgets($fp));

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Line breaks do not show up in the browser. Check the HTML source and I'm
pretty sure you will find the line breaks there.

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The line breaks do show on mail bodies.
    [unless you send (bad) HTML mail]

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Hopefully you will be able to do it now.

Happy Coding :-)
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