is "EOFORMPAGE" simply not used?

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I'm developing a website in PHP - it's my first one... :-)
Somewhere (I'm not sure where) I've come up with the function:
"EOFORMPAGE". I use it like this:

  $content = <<< EOFORMPAGE
  <table border=1>

This enables me to use straigt HTML, put in in a variable ($content in
this case), and add the content of the variable $test in this case as
well. This works very good. It is especcially usefull when working
with JS, as I'm not limited by problems with quotes.

My concern: I cannot find another example of this function
"EOFORMPAGE" /at all/. Is it not used? Frowned upon? Depricated? Can
someone help me out on this one, as I would not like to write code
that is considered 'bad'.



Re: is "EOFORMPAGE" simply not used? ( wrote in

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it's not a function, but a differnet syntax to write down strings.

it's called heredoc syntax, valid from php4 onwards, details in the



Re: is "EOFORMPAGE" simply not used?


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thanx a million! This is de information I was searching for. If you
don't know how something is called, it can get hard to find something.


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