Interrupt session at configed time

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I am working on a testing/quizzing program where I will present one  
question at a time.  However, I want to set a time limit for the test  
so that no matter what question the student is on, the test will end  
and redirect to a score page.

Does php have the ability to provide this?  My host doesn't support  
pcntl_alarm() so I need another mechanism.

Maybe an all php environment isn't the right solution?  Should I be  
looking at other solutions?

I would prefer server side control to minimize browser/machine  

Any pointers to snippets would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Interrupt session at configed time

Try looking at session variables. Sessions are king in PHP. Also, try
saving in a variable the start time and then add the testing time to
it. Then when the appointed time comes, just feed the client a header.
You probably will need PHP and JavaScript to accomplish this. There are
numerous other ways to solve this problem, but I think you have the
right idea.

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