Internet Explorer 6 vs 7

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Setup: IIS 6 with PHP 5.2.0

We are trying to make a COM object that uses ADSI to reset Active
Directory domain accounts.  We can get the script to work great in
IE7, but anyone stilll using IE6 has problems.  We are using
authentication (IWA and IIS configured not to allow anonymous) via the

I also have the same problem with a simple example script off of php's
site ( )

$domainObject = new COM("WinNT://Domain");
foreach ($domainObject as $obj) {
   echo $obj->Name . "<br />";

In Internet Explorer 6 I just get "Schema".  With IE7, I get the full
list of objects...

Re: Internet Explorer 6 vs 7

This seems so weird to me, but here's what is going on:

Since I am in the intranet zone and my proxy is setup to not be used
for things on my network, this doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  But
it works if I remove the proxy settings.

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