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with the keyfocus webserver using php i get this error.    

"Internal Server Error", 500 error when using a CGI request

There are many reason why a CGI request could fail, it could be that the
CGI Filter is not properly configured or the CGI application itself has

i am using frames with php and html and the problem is definitely

my question becomes if i put this on a web host where they use a
server and operating system could that eliminate the problem?
or am i stuck and have to get to the bottom of it because my code is
causing the problem?  

i start off with basicframe.html and then change what goes in the
individual frames (3) using php code. when i want to reload
basicframe.html to its original appearance (the home page(s) i guess)
i use
<a href=" :8125/basicframe.html" target="_top"   >
 <img src=" :8125/gifs/home2.gif"></a>
and when this code is clicked sometimes i get internal server error
and sometimes i dont.

this is what my system.log shows

[2004/08/10 04:50:25.999 2 -0400] Debug MIME   <type:
application/x-httpd-php CGI action: c:\php\php.exe file: header.php>
[2004/08/10 04:50:26.059 2 -0400] External application error   
<Path: c:\php\php.exe; OS err: 0 {}>

anyways i am fresh out of ideas for tonight.

please let me know if you have a tip that might help,

Re: internal server error


i think i found a way around it.
it doesnt like it when i load  nested frames over top of the same nested
frames.  keyfocus balked and abyss crashed.  so i wont do that :-)

abyss is cool.  i never tried that one before.  i like both servers.
i'm almost certain when 2 webservers crash it is my code.

the quality of the software out there amazes me.
if i can install them and get my hobby slop to run easily,
these webservers are first rate.

so never mind.  thanks anyways.


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