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I have a decent knowledge of PHP, MySQL, and javascript, as well as the
basic webpage languages like html, css, Photoshop.  I don't have a degree in
programming but have been studying for several years.

I am building a webpage for a small nonprofit association, but I can't be
responsible for adding content, which is ongoing, and none of them know

I have done one crude editorial-content management system, which will allow
prestyle headlines and paragraphs.  What I would like to do is to present a
more robust entry screen that will automatically allow a lot more markup,
much like prepackaged forum software uses, with buttons for various tag
pairs.  (I intend to keep very tight control via regex to prevent various
potentially harmful content from being posted, but I can handle at lease the

I'm seeking advice on this. Is it possible to build or copy an entry system
so that someone with no html knowledge could format an article in html (I
have preset css formats), using PHP/html/javascript?  Should I try to do it
myself, or is there (hopefully) a free module I could paste onto a PHP page
that would generate HTML?

Thanks very much for any assistance.

Mason Barge

Re: Interface for Website Posting

Mason Barge wrote:
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Sounds like you need to go with one of the existing CMS's which supports
TinyMCE.  It would be much easier than trying to fit TinyMCE into your
existing code, and much, much easier than trying to duplicate it yourself.

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Re: Interface for Website Posting

On Sun, 20 Jul 2008 10:26:38 -0400, Mason Barge wrote:
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Give 'em a wiki with the whole thing set to "Sysop only" edits and wash
your hands of the matter.

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