Installing zziplib on php4?

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We have PHP 4.3.9 on a RedHat ES4 server.
Supposedly PHP4 comes with ZZIPLib pre-bundled:

But I can't locate the library on the server. And my phpinfo() doesn't
have it listed (which I expected because the link above indicates you
have to manually add the support on the install.)
So, I downloaded the library:
and the README says all I have to do is the usual ./configure, make,
make install.

Now, that probably installs the library on the server, but I'll
probably have to recompile PHP anyway, will I?

I ask for any suggestions from people with personal experience in it
because this is our production server, and I'd really like to know what
to expect before I end up ruinging our PHP install. =)

Thanks for any suggestions!

Re: Installing zziplib on php4?

*** escribió/wrote (22 Aug 2006 13:04:43 -0700):
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It seems so:

"In PHP 4 this PECL extensions source can be found in the ext/ directory
within the PHP source or at the PECL link above. In order to use these
functions you must compile PHP with zip support by using the
--with-zip[=DIR] configure option."

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It isn't difficult to recompile PHP from the *.src.rpm file. Just install
the source package:

    rpm -ivh php.........src.rpm

Find the *.spec file:

    cd /usr/src/redhat/....../SPEC/php.spec

Edit the file and add the "--with-zip" stuff. Then rebuild:

    rpmbuild -ba php.spec

This generates several *.rpm files:

    cd /usr/src/redhat/....../RPMS/php....rpm

You can do it in a test server. When installing, just keep the original
*.rpm in case you break something.

Second option, if you just need un unzip a file install the "unzip" RPM
package and then use system() or exec().

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