Installing php4.3.X with GD

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I've been running apache and PHP by using apt-get packages for a long
time now, and it's been working fine for me. But the other day I tried
to get image functions working and hit a brick wall with the
packaging. I get my packages from stable. Basically, when I tried to
install php4-gd2, I get something like this:

[error] php4-gd2 depends on zendapi-20040901

I seem to have that (virtual) package already installed however. The
only way I could get it (gd) installed was to change to the cgi
module, the only one available was php 4.1.2 or something really old
like that :(. I don't want to run old versions of php, but I do want
gd image functions.


1) Can I get php 4.3.X working with gd via apt? Where should I point
apt to?


2) Should I apt-get remove apache and php4, then download and compile
them myself?

Thanks for anyone's help in advance :)

Re: Installing php4.3.X with GD

Brad Shinoda wrote:

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I'm not sure what your talking about so this might not apply to you. I
recently installed php5 and then got GD to work. This is what I did.

1)Open php.ini

2)move the file "php_gd2.dll" into your main php directory. I found it
in the php/ext folder

3)find ";extension=php_gd2.dll"  and remove the ";" from the beginning

4) restart the server.

5) check phpinfo() there should be a whole section on GD that wasn't
there before

If this doesn't work make sure you edited the right php.ini file. I have
  one in my windows folder for an older version of php. The phpini for
PHP5 is in my php folder.

Re: Installing php4.3.X with GD

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Apparently not.
The OP isn't using Windows.

Kurt Weber
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