Installing GD-Lib on Win/IIS => PHP "dead"

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I have a windows-IIS-Webserver running PHP 4.3.0. However, there is no
GD-Lib, so I tried to install it.

What I did is this:
- copy the file php_gd2.dll (which I have from another win-webserver with
working GD-Lib) to C:\PHP\extensions
- set the extensions-folder in php.ini to C:\PHP\extensions
- remove the ";" before the php_gd2.dll-inclusion in the php.ini-file
- I even added C:\PHP\extension to the path-environment-variable

And what happens is this:
- PHP is completely "dead", there is no output, just endless waiting. Not
even phpinfo() works
- the webserver itself is fine, HTML-Files and images are sent to the
browser correctly
- as soon as I add the ";" in the php_gd2.dll-line in php.ini, PHP works
fine again - but without GD-Lib, of course

I spent quite some time searching in google for the solution, but I found
nothing helpful...
I'd grateful if someone could help me.

Kind regards and thanks,

Re: Installing GD-Lib on Win/IIS => PHP "dead"

The reason is that PHP fail to startup.
Your extensions-dir is not correctly installed. Check

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Re: Installing GD-Lib on Win/IIS => PHP "dead"

I read the page, but it gives me no information that I've not had before...!
Any other ideas...?

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Re: Installing GD-Lib on Win/IIS => PHP "dead"

I have one more but of information: I managed to install another extension
(curl) -- there were no problems, so the extension-directory is OK.
The problem ist just with the GD-Lib...

Re: Installing GD-Lib on Win/IIS => PHP "dead"

The problem is solved! I hade to change "permissions" for the php_gd2.dll.
That was not necessary for some other extensions like e. g. curl -- strange.

Thanks everybody,

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