Install: sapi/php4activescript.dll missing in 4.3.11

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The install.txt that comes with the manual binary install of PHP4 for
Windows states that the ActiveScript engine is included in

This is not true in 4.3.11.  It just plain isn't in that folder, or
anywhere in the .zip file for that matter.

Is there an official binary provided, or do I have to get the source
and Visual C++ 6 and compile it myself?

Re: Install: sapi/php4activescript.dll missing in 4.3.11

On 15 Nov 2005 14:19:06 -0800, wrote:

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 Looks like this has been moved to PECL. PHP5 has a separate .zip for PECL
extensions which includes php5activescript.dll, but there isn't an equivalent
official distribution of PECL libraries for PHP4.3, and the PHP 4.4 list
doesn't have this DLL.

 Seems like a bug to me. You could raise a bug at , but
you'll probably have to compile it yourself if you need it anytime soon.
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Re: Install: sapi/php4activescript.dll missing in 4.3.11

Thanks for the suggestion for  That was the ticket.
Fortunately, the bug has already been addressed, sort of.

For 4.3.11 you can grab the dll from the daily snapshot at .  It works fine
that I can see.

For more info,

Thanks, again.


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